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What's in season?
What's in Season

Here's what's in season at the farmers' market in October

October is the month to rediscover the delights of colder weather eating with all the wonderful ingredients at our disposal. Fresh fruit and vegetables are still plentiful and good quality. Onions, leeks, beetroot, carrots, and tomatoes are all full of flavour at this time of year. Try squashes baked with cream and spices or in risottos and curries. Root vegetables, such as parsnip, swede and celeriac are all wonderful roasted or mashed and perfect with new season’s game. Use them in soups, stews, bakes and pickles for rich seasonal colour and taste.  Cobnuts, and walnuts are all ripening – try them now when they are ‘wet’ and discover a whole new intensity of flavour.

The later ripening varieties of apples and pears are good for keeping. Make them into pies, crumbles and cakes or try baked with spices and brown sugar. Who needs imported varieties when we have the best in the world here at home in the Garden of England?

As the sea temperature drops fish just gets better and better. Sea bass, haddock and Dover sole will be fishing well. Scallops, prawns, crab and lobster make perfect autumn eating. Remember the better the quality of the fish, the simpler it needs to be cooked. Smoked fish is great at this time of year (see recipe link below)

October 1st sees the start of the pheasant-shooting season but early birds can be expensive so try partridge, grouse, wild duck and rabbit. All are excellent partnered with autumn greens and creamy mashed roots.

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